Fun & Easy School Fundraising

Get your supporters to upload their shopping receipts via the app & raise over $1,000 every year for your school.

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There are so many fundraisers out there, why Receipt Chimp?


Download the app, shop, snap and generate funds for your school. It’s that easy.

Much safer

No more cutting, collecting or selling door-to-door.

100% Free

No need to buy anything upfront, using Receipt Chimp to fundraise is completely free.

For everyone

Every member of the school, including teachers, students, parents and grandparents can use Receipt Chimp


 How does it work?


Get supporters to take photos of the receipts via the app


Your school can earn up to 20 points per receipt


For every 5,000 points, your school earns $10!

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Team Competitions

Raise money and school spirit at the same time!

School fundraising shouldn’t just be easy, it should be fun. Teachers, students and parents can easily track their team’s progress on the Competition Leaderboard in the Receipt Chimp app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Receipt Chimp afford to make these donations? Is it a scam?

Receipt Chimp was created by teachers & industry experts who found a cool way of matching schools' need for financial support with major brands’ need for market research. Brands pay Receipt Chimp for these reports, and that's how they are able to pass these earnings on to schools.

Where does the information from the receipts go? Is Receipt Chimp safe?

Receipt Chimp is 100% safe. The information from all Receipt Chimp users' receipts is made completely anonymous and used in market research reports. Receipt Chimp does not request personal information such as credit card numbers or phone numbers. (Retailer receipts already mask this information.)

How much money can we earn with Receipt Chimp?

Schools with just 50 active participants can earn up to $1,080 every year. The key is to spread the word to get as many parents, grandparents and teachers on board as you can.

How is Receipt Chimp different from other school fundraising programs?

With Receipt Chimp, there’s nothing to buy, sell, collect, count or mail-in. No labour-intensive coordinating for parents or teachers. No sending kids selling cookies door to door. Earn donations for receipts from a wide range of stores.


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